Road Takes Me by Jesse Grossi


LA-based songwriter Jesse Grossi embarks on an emotional journey with his latest single “Road Takes Me”. With warm melodies and right-from-the-heart lyrics, Grossi describes his song as “Road Takes Me about feeling alone, trapped, and tired of the daily struggles with sobriety. This is the inner dialogue of one’s conversation with the demons that we possess in our heads!”

Jesse Grossi brings back a lot of raw old-school vibes on “Road Takes Me”. It has some fluid vocals and beautiful harmonies and an open sound that gives the vocal melody the space to breathe and shine. “Road Takes Me” has some bright soothing melodies with warm sound and the perfect guitar tone. Its organic flow and dynamics gave it a natural sound that just flows through your ears and touches your soul with Grossi’s emotional real delivery and lyrics.

“Road Takes Me” is a sincere, heartfelt piece by Jesse Grossi that lots of us can relate to and feel connected to. His songwriting and vocal delivery made it sound simple, clear, and can easily get into your repeat list. Totally recommended, cheers!