Room by Alex Stanilla

Agron Karameti

Our artist is a unique encounter, a sensitive, emotional soul who interprets his feelings and thoughts through music. Alex Stanilla, a thirty-year-old independent songwriter, and producer who grew up on the influence of the likes of The Beach Boys, Elliott Smith, The Sopranos, and The Last Podcast on the Left. Alex’s journey with music isn’t recent or based on a whim, he was a very accomplished violinist that he performed in Carnegie Hall at the age of 10. 

Growing up he decided to take a different approach in his music and depictions, he mingled his songwriting skills and film degree and focused on cinematic style of music; he says, “My lyrical style tends to take an impressionistic view of films, with the subtext of watching it through a different lens and using it to interpret my life.” Which is the first thing that might come to the listener’s mind while listening to “Room” his latest release. It’s a short, fun romantic song, a poem of about 5 lines that only repeats twice. The more you listen to the song the more you unlock its musical layers and context. It’s surreal, blurry, as if you’re living in a dream. The story behind the song is interesting, he wrote it on his way to his friend’s wedding in summer 2020 with wanting the ultimate newlyweds/honeymoon phase song. It was later released during valentine’s day; recorded by the artist himself and mixed and mastered by Dereck Blackburn of Quiethouse recording. It’s not your typical car ride song but worth a listen.
Alex Stanilla on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Souncloud, TikTok, and Bandcamp.


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