Buzzcut by Estella Dawn

Purplestar Productions

Estella Dawn is a New Zealand born, US-based pop artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who turns the table on relationships with her most recent single, “Buzzcut”.

With a flow of amusing words to highlight the idea of “Chameleon daters”, people who change their appearance, style, musical taste, and even eating habits to mirror each new romantic partner.

The song is an anthem dedicated to staying true to yourself when getting to know a new partner.

“Be yourself” is the central message of the lyrics, and Estella had been herself when she got into producing music.

Estella’s work speaks for herself, leaving the impression of being a strong, independent artist. Her distinctive voice dynamics are perfect to cover and interpret the real-life topics she goes for.

The arrangement of the song is whole, rhythmic & engaging. The instrumental variety is rich and exciting. The classical guitar riff and the guitar solos in different music parts left a great impression and earmark.

“Buzzcut” is the first single released from her highly anticipated full-length album later this year. 

Having already released 17 singles since 2020, this album is the next step up, demonstrating how Estella knows how to incorporate a close-knit mix of musical arrangements, where Estella’s relatable, almost poetic lyrics and impressive vocal skills shine.

Estella is no stranger to our sister platform Rock Era, we have had the pleasure to review more of her work like Salt, Fiery B and I Dare You

With her undiscussable vocal abilities and genuine composition capabilities, Estella Dawn has the power to capture all your senses, and she’s got over 77K monthly listeners on Spotify to back her up.

Reviewed by: Mohamed Ayman

Edited by: Mercedes Thomas



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