Run Home by Austin West


Mark your calendars on the 8th of next February as up-and-coming artist Austin West will take you on a nostalgic journey with his first single that contains vocals “Run Home”, which he has been teasing us with on Instagram.

Austin West is a rising multi-instrumentalist producer, singer and songwriter from New Orleans, United States, with 2.8K followers on Instagram and racking up about 50K listens on Spotify. Austin has been a musician in the army for 10 years, but with a passion for synthesizers and 80’s music he decided to start his own solo project in the third quarter of 2022 with his debut single “Game Over”.

“Run Home” is a synth-based indie rock song that starts with a fade-in effect until a catchy melodic bass lick triggers the song’s full euphoric soundscape. Austin sings in a warm tone over ambient synth pads and a sprinkled synth in the background, which gives the song its glamorous atmosphere. Also, an irresistible groovy bass line and a straight rock beat lend the songs the 80’s vibe, making you want to bop your head and dance along. As the song closes Austin takes it up a notch with a melodic synth solo that urges the listener to want more. The song can easily land its spot on your night drive or chill playlist so stay tuned and check out his other singles while awaiting the release of “Run Home”.


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