Sam Casey Revlead More About “Weed and Toxic Relationships”

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The indie artists Sam Casey spoke about the latest EP and more topics about Weed and Toxic Relationship.

Find out Sam Casey‘s message below:

On my brand new EP, I sing a lot about Weed and Toxic Relationships, as well as certain societal flaws and some positive experiences in university. I stopped trying to sound so pretty all the time because I don’t feel or sound pretty all the time. I was inspired by life from 2020-2022… all of the breakups, the makeups, the drugs, the dancing, the crying, the anxiety and the love.
More Songs About Weed and Toxic Relationships is produced by Mike Schlosser. Our amazing co-writers are Chloe Kay on “Stupid Bitch,” Laurel Clouston (Laur Elle) on “Good Fight” and “I’m Fucking Sam,” and Sarah Boulton (AARYS) on “Shallow,” “Give It Up” and “Wiser Man.”
Stream the EP in full via your preferred platform.
Stupid Bitch” was initially about a friend who continued to go back to the same lying and possessive guy even though she knew he was toxic for her. We would stay up late and have these deep and honest conversations about our boyfriends… she would cry, scream and laugh at how terrible he was to her, while recognizing that she could do better. I realized that some people stay in toxic relationships not because they are unaware of their situation or too naive to see the effects that these partners have on their well-being, but because they aren’t ready to leave yet.
If someone has fucked you over, they may have taught you a lesson. If someone has disrespected you, they may have taught you about self-respect. If you think of yourself as the loser, you may be the winner.
Photo by Chris Chan from the “Stupid Bitch” video shoot


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