Tara MacLean Shares Haunting Yet Soaring New Rendition of “Let Her Feel The Rain”

Artwork: Sydney Woodward

Renowned Canadian singer-songwriter, Tara MacLean, wroteLet Her Feel The Rainfollowing a breakup at the age of 19 which was deeply affecting. 

“I noticed that I felt numb, and I went and laid outside on the grass at night in the rain, and just let it fall on me. I just needed to feel it, to feel the pain, and then let the rain wash it away. And it did. I wrote this song when I came inside, still wet and muddy. This was the song that made me realize that music was going to save my life,” explains MacLean.

Decades later, MacLean has reimagined the song with layered background vocals and strings evocative of the lush environment which she calls home in the Pacific Northwest.

“In so many ways the song is about rebirth,” says MacLean. When it came time to shoot the video for “Let Her Feel The Rain,” MacLean returned to her ‘nest’ on Salt Spring Island to perform the song, complete with hair and makeup done by her children.

WATCH HERE! “Let Her Feel The Rain”

“Let Her Feel The Rain is taken from Tara MacLean’s upcoming new album, Sparrow, released on March 31st. 

Reimagining 10 tracks from her catalogue, the album is the companion soundtrack to Song of the Sparrow, MacLean’s debut memoir with HarperCollins which is out now, exploring the transformative power of music in her life.

Press via Auteur Research


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