Santorini by Glass Lord


When we hear the word “summer,” we all envision our favorite summer destination: days at the beach with family or friends, sunny mornings, and dancy nights. What if Santorini is your summer destination? The best Greek island for a summer vacation. There is no need for a passport, to leave work, or even to move a finger. Glass Lord’s latest single, “Santorini,” came just in time for summer and will take us there.

The single’s summery vibes will take us to Santorini, but the single’s sound will take us on a ride through Glass Lord’s influences, as he grew up in Switzerland and France and was inspired by the European EDM scene, and then moved to the US, settled in LA, tried out more genres like Hip-Hop and RnB, and now his sound is a blend of the music scenes he drew influences from, resulting in his own sound that we can clearly hear and enjoy in “Santorini.”

For almost three minutes, the pulse flowing through the track by the energetic beats will make your heart powerfully vibrant. It’s an easy-listening song, easy to sing along to, and should definitely be on your summer playlist. Glass Lord has managed to paint a bright picture of what a perfect summer vacation would be like with his fresh a thin air lyrics and its affection ambiance, spreading both light and loving vibes in the air. He has created an escape from the daily hustle with the upbeat melody, dynamic Tropical House, and bullish vocals, offering us a salty, dreamy, and perky vibe that we can enjoy every time we play the song.

A recommended method for bringing summer vibes into your room is to just hit the play button and it will flow naturally.