The Mindful Cherub by Timothy and The Apocalypse


There’s a common thought that Electronic Music is only suitable for parties, festivals, and most kinds of celebrations, because of its dancy, vibrant beat. But that’s not true. Talented producers have taken EDM far beyond that, blending it with other genres and producing their own vision that gets to convey a variety of sensations and create their own realm. Timothy and the Apocalypse took EDM and especially House to his own arena, creating cinematic soundtracks that are not limited to some bumping beats, but set up an atmospheric, celestial state of mind.

Timothy and the Apocalypse is the alter ego of Timothy Poulton, an Australian creative producer. What distinguishes his work is that he does not set boundaries or adhere to a specific genre. A piece like “The Mindful Cherub” allows us to see how his creative mind works and to fuse House with Psychedelic and cinematic ambiance without feeling pushed.

“The Mindful Cherub” was originally released in 2021 as a part of the album, “Future So Bright.” And on April 1st, 2022, Timothy and the Apocalypse dropped an EP of three different remixes of the track, collaborating with 9 Theory, Floating Pyramids, and The Time Meddler. It’s incredible how each one of these artists has succeeded in adding their own touch to the track, giving it organic vibes.

The first version is 9 Theory’s Remix, and it kicks off with a little spooky intro that entices you to delve into the adventure he’ll take you on. The hazy vocals, which exist in the original track too, add more mystery. The midsection with the calps alongside the percussion is the most vital part amidst the psychedelic vibes.

The second is Floating Pyramids’ Remix, and I believe that right from the start, it became my favorite. He clarified the 60’s psychedelic sound and carried Poulton’s cinematic vision, making the track feel like the background of an intense scene, and adding the raspy male vocals surely helped to give this impression. You’ll just feel both vocal samples whirling around your head.

The last one is The Time Meddler’s Remix. I see it as the most vibrant one with its energetic drops. The vocals are clearer in parts here, with a melodic tone. It’s a track that you can get uplifting vibes from and feel as if you’re levitating. 


 If you close your eyes while listening to the EP, you’ll find yourself in a movie of your own creation, and each track of the three will drive a different scene with different feelings and atmosphere.