All the way from Belper, UK, Benjamin Davies is coming in hot…on a huge tsunami wave of many talents, piano, guitar, programming drums and bass lines, composing and producing…Benjamin is a multi-potentist artist…and his music is a joy to experience.

With his latest release “Sees The Sun”, Benjamin is opening the doors to summer wide open and welcoming us in…

“Sees The Sun” has one of the most positive vibes I’ve heard in quite some time, the music is upbeat, fast, happy, and uplifting.

The song starts right away sucking us in its happy summer vibes world right away with a drum beat that is reminiscent of the beat of Outkast’s “Hey Ya”…it has the same energy and the same uplifting mood…

The song has electric guitars and acoustic guitars playing at the same time giving a very trippy experience…loving it…

…the chorus is catchy with a lot of ooh, ooooh, oooooh, you’ll sing it right away the first time you hear it…

Benjamin’s skills as a musician are amazing, covering a huge range of musical instruments and techniques and the evidence is in the outcome, hence “Sees The Sun”.

The single was recorded at JT SOAR Studio in Nottingham with the amazingly talented SNUG RECORDING Co.

Can’t enjoy summer yet?

Can’t start getting hyped for it?

…we’ve got the solution, Benjamin…or should I say Velika Velika’s latest single “Sees The Sun” is your ticket to the summer vibes.

We wish all the best to Velika Velika, we can’t wait to see what you cook up next.

Keep on rocking and keep on vibing…




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