SHAME by Enjyng ft. Wrené

Original artwork, portraits by Wrené

Following the release of their critically acclaimed albums Live Wire and Blind Alley, respectively, Wrené and Enjyng have collaborated on a new album titled “SHAME.” The upcoming collaboration provides an unfiltered view of the challenges that today’s youth are faced with in an era in which technological advancements are constantly changing. The issues of censorship; the pressures and challenges posed by social media; and the need to express one’s truest self within a culture hampered by erroneous notions of satisfaction are some of the premises highlighted in the track. People who experience feelings of isolation and disconnection from the daily illusions of contentment created by the media are the target audience for “SHAME.” The gloomy and atmospheric track was influenced by a variety of artists, including Joji, XXXTENTACION, and The Weeknd, amongst others.

This song highlights the profoundly retro aesthetics of the artist’s signature sound, which contrasts hypermodern lo-fi digitals with slick classy flourishes. The synthesized sounds serve as the foundation for the instrumentals, which influence the vocals.

It incorporates traditional lo-fi techno and synth waves. It also balances feathery vocals with deep, grisly bass. 

This meteoric duo’s collaboration is gothic, bass-heavy, occasionally daring, and quite beautiful. It’s a bold and resounding first step for artists with bags of potential, and over the next decade, you’ll undoubtedly see popular music scrambling to replicate what this song accomplishes on every level.



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