Zero Sum by Moviola


Colombus-based rockers, Moviola are dropping their new single “Zero Sum” on the 19th of August 2022 via No Heroics and recorded by Jake Housh (Moviola’s in-house producer/engineer) at his Oregonia Studio. It’s a piece of social criticism that’s dipped in melodies and groove. Let me tell you more about it. 

It’s clear from the beginning of “Zero Sum” that it’s a colorful easy-going tune with lots of bright melodies. It has a smooth flow throughout its verse and chorus with some fluid guitar melodies, in-tune vocal harmonies, and groovy bass. The guitar work is solid injecting melodic chilling tunes in each part while the multi-layered vocal melodies were pretty enjoyable with all those harmonies, especially the smooth ending that brought the memories of a lot of classics. 

“Zero Sum” shows that Moviola knows their sound and influences well, using their instruments and vocal abilities to create a classic acoustic/Americana with lots of groove and from-the-heart melodies. Looking forward to more, cheers!


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