Shining by Dré Anthony


Fun lyrics to a captivating melody and an infectious rhythm, an eclectic blend of Dré Anthony’s new single “Shining” The talented Toronto artist’s first song, it’s a powerful hip-hop song with a positive message.

“Shining” is a bouncy track with a sweet mix of rap and pop, like the lyrical juice we need to quench our thirst with Dre’s futuristic voice, this multi-talented man sings his path to authentic feelings infused with realism.

Dre offers an experience through his music that you can feel, and appreciate good vocal work and sensory connection, to expand your soul to the beauty that exists in life without caring about physical form. And the imagination paints a scene that resembles the sunrise in all its brightness and grandeur in the vast fields, with a skill that motivates you to touch it.

Dre’s voice is full of confident, smooth, steady words, explaining exactly what the message behind the composition is so that it can be assimilated in the best possible way by your subconscious mind, and energy flows freely to lead the mind along an unexpectedly pleasurable path.

Dré Anthony made headway when he dropped his melodic masterpiece “Shining” which completes a catalog of hit songs, putting his heart and soul into everything he does, instantly making its mark with outstanding sound and flawless flow.

Listen to “Shine” because it’s perfect for playing at the club, at a gathering with friends, or on a long car ride.


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