Nowhere Close To Famous by Raymond Revel


Imagine this. You’re an independent songwriter, you make music on your own and you put them on the internet, you keep getting better at what you do, release better and better songs, take your career a step forward and sing backing vocals for Demi Lovato and Little Big Town for episodes of The Voice. One of your songs stays featured on a major playlist on Spotify, eventually reaching 1.3 million listens, and in the end, you find yourself unknown and relatively under-appreciated, yet you continue to make songs and keep on improving. Welcome to the life of Raymond Revel.


Mr.Revel is a native of Fort Worth, Texas. Writing music, and words, and producing his own songs for years, and has more than 50 singles on streaming platforms. His latest one, titled ‘Nowhere Close To Famous’ is an ode to being perfectly content. Some people would go mad having put in all this time and effort to achieve almost nothing of feasible value in return. Raymond here sings about not being famous, never being recognized in the street, never getting chased by paparazzi, and not having any followers on Instagram except his friends and family. Sounds sad? Raymond thinks otherwise, He’s content and glad to be where he is, and the music thinks so too! Upbeat and energetic, with playful synths and extra-cool sub-bass. the decidedly major feel adds a lot of joy and Raymond’s voice itself is exciting and the delivery is heartfelt, altogether adding up to a healthy meal of joyous, summery fun that ought to brighten up a struggling artist’s bleakest days. Thanks for the reassurance, Ray!