Should’ve Known by Livi Jacobs


Livi Jacobs’s Sophomore single is a relatively short piece of rich and peppy soul, loaded with pop appeal.

Based in the Floridian Punto Gordy, Livi Jacobs is a singer and songwriter whose acoustic, driven, and percussive sound has already been in full display on her previous single ‘Goodbye’, released only a few weeks back. This time, with ‘Should’ve Known’, Jacobs is putting on a more danceable and upbeat show. 

‘Should’ve Known’ is a warm fusion of blues and soul, put in a chic guise of punchy, acoustic pop, highlighted by Livi Jacob’s impassioned and capable vocal delivery. A talented singer, Jacob’s delivery on this song remains largely restrained throughout, but her delivery is interspersed with a few belted lines near the song’s end that effortlessly display the level of vocal prowess that she possesses.

Not necessarily breaking any compositional or production grounds with ‘Should’ve Known’, Livi Jacobs resorts to crafting immediately catchy and exciting pop that’s full of soul and personality, assuring her of an audience that will continue to grow the more songs she puts out.