Sides of a Coin by Caspar Grant


Heavy flows lift off heavy burdens along its uplifting precession meanings, Hip-Hop is always about delivering the message and the listeners take the responsibility to act upon it.

The psychedelic emerging rapper Caspar Grant is teaming up with Myka 9 and the Italian bassist Deadroom in his new single “Sides of The Coin” which will be followed by an album that was supposed to be released back on November 22’.

The track begins with an oriental-type beat with old-school drums and a bass solo followed by heavy flows by Caspar that announce the kick-off of verse one. 

An epic battle theme old-school drum line fused with electro melodies in the background casting the vibe of modernity throughout.

Myka 9 rapping in the second verse which didn’t recede the track’s sick vibes for a moment, in fact, they were slightly faster than the first verse, in a manner that represented the contemporary part of Hip-Hop.

So if you haven’t heard these heavily written beats with thick flows and sick bass lines that overwhelm you by the first bar.

Listen to Caspar’s single and stick tight for the upcoming album.


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