Silence by T. Houze


When it comes to art in all its forms and types, I won’t be exaggerating when I say it’s life-changing, it makes humans better, kinder, more in control, and surely helps them overcome lots of obstacles and challenges.

T. Houze is not new to the artistic scene; the Washington DC-based photographer has a long creative journey and a successful portfolio between portraiture, event-style work, short documentaries, music videos, and filmmaking skills. Although Travis Houze released his debut album “Midnight Season” last year yet, the concept of the album was created between 2011-2013 because he had no intention of releasing it to the public and was simply a way for him to vent, and deal with his insecurities from his childhood.

After overcoming his fear and finally releasing it, he received remarkable feedback and response from his audience that led to another upcoming album “Iridescent” as part of his “Duology” series that’s produced by BeatBauerJonas. 

“Silence” is the first single released from the upcoming album; a chill song with wavy rhythms, a laid-back attitude, and rich musical concepts. The song was inspired by a trip to a serene beach area in Block Island in Rhode Island where the artist had no service on his phone which gave him the space to relax and create.

The bass line has a significant role in this single that can’t be missed, it remains in the background as if the bass has a world of its own, combining ethereal yet subtle melodies that keep drawing your attention back to it.

The piano plays a sequence of familiar and soothing chords that your ears expect, complimenting the overall ambiance yet not taking the attention from the bass and vocal lines. The song has an overall blues and jazzy feel mixed with a hip-hop-like vocal line. Houze collaborated with Ro Bettenelli whom he only met virtually on this track, where she added a soft and “Tropical” feel with her voice. 


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