Something Gets Me by Julie Ann Weiler


 Genre: Alt Rock Pop/New Wave/Indie PopAfter ten years hiatus, California-based singer/songwriter Julie Ann Weiler is back with a more mature sound, and new life lessons learned. Teasing her upcoming full-length, Julie Ann Weiler dropped the single “Something Gets Me” on the 18th of November, and it’s a piece of heavenly music, let me tell you more about it.

With calming piano and soothing vocals, Julie Ann Weiler opened her sweet heartfelt ballad “Something Gets Me”. Right around the first chorus, the warm guitars engage in a beautiful conversation with the piano, while Julie’s angelic voice leads the listener to the next level, building up to a bigger multi-layered, beautifully orchestrated sound.  “Something Gets Me” has skillfully crafted dynamics, it keeps on moving toward a bigger and brighter sound with smoothly fluid melodies, even in the calm parts, the orchestrations gave a massive effect, until it ends on a high note.

“Something Gets Me” is a heart-hitting, stream of emotions transported in lovely melodies by Julie Ann Weiler. It brings back the singer-songwriter’s classic ballads, with grand sound, solid writing, and super vocal abilities. Looking forward to Julie Ann Weiler‘s upcoming full-length, cheers!