What’s Right by ORA BLU


What’s Right is a haunting, hypnotic offering from a very hot 3-piece that should be receiving way more attention.

The Berlin-based 3-piece ORA BLU are back with a brand-new offering. This time, What’s Right delivers a punchy, electronically treated piece of Indietronica that’s captivating and quite calculated too.

Generally considered as an Indie band by the 3 members, ORA BLU uses a wide range of influences and genres to craft their immaculate sound. What’s Right is hypnotic, delicate, airy, and sublime. The minimal trap beats are solid and efficient, with singing that’s lazy and soulful. The characterful vocals are simple but effective. Properly mixed in, they sound smooth and silky. More prominently catchy for me was the electronic treatment. A number of melodic, jumpy, percussive synth lines dominate the soundscape and provide a futuristic, pristine backdrop, with the wailing, harsh, unique string arrangement that ebbs and flows, for a result that packs a healthy punch, charisma, and presence.

What’s Right is simply gorgeous. ORA BLU do not sound like they are exploring sounds as much as they sound like a back entirely comfortable with their surroundings, with focused songwriting, and intentional production, for a calculated, precise output that’s rich and endlessly compelling.