Sonic Boom by Gem FM


Gem Fm chose the right name when it came to claiming a representation of his artistic identity. He sent out from his magic planet to the world, a very eccentric album on the 21st of October called ‘Sonic Boom’, from Fort Lauderdale, US. Consisting of 8 marvelous tracks, this album constitutes what it means to blend high energy and a meditative experience together, to form a collection of totally unique auditory sensations! James is an electronic rock musician and producer who loves making sonic collages of both electronics and trance along with progressive rock music.

He considers Gem Fm as a solo vehicle in which he expresses flexibility. One of the most influential things he has mentioned is that instrumental tracks are interesting because they can travel anywhere with no translation required, and that’s what we really feel listening to a sonic boom, an endless possibility. 

If there’s such a thing as a musical fantasy, then Sonic boom it is. This album is a diamond mine, a translation of diverse emotions of mystery and positivity through a very intense and fast birds’ eye lens, with a touch of insanity and magic. The overall sound of the album is a spiritual fantasy made by a collective of musicians who fell out of different portals from 80’s progressive rocker dudes to flamenco dancing music from Spain, and modern-day electronica. Most of the soundscapes are atmospheric, rock-based harmonies with spiritual and dreamy emotions. The textures made by the immersive and rich instruments and synth sounds make the tracks mostly fast-paced because they’re played in a very intense way.

Many of the melodies created in the tracks are made with saxophones, flutes, and trumpets that feel like they are imitating sounds from nature which is quite amazing! The musical arrangement is burning with rock drum kits, electric guitar, thrashy sound effects, robotic vocals, fun piano, and spacy sound effects. Some notable sounds are glass clinking, wooden percussion, and violin. What strikes us most about this album is that even though it’s intense, you cannot say anything other than its effect is soft and easy on the heart. He also has a mesmerizing ability to also fuse flamenco music elements and jazzy sounds that also make this album have another side other than a rock!

There seems to be some mystery to the meanings of the names of the songs, and no particular order, you’re just here to expand your listening experience with this album to infinity and beyond!