Rebel For Love by Alex Kate


A title song for a debut album, Rebel For Love is Alex Kate’s leading flag into her budding and promising musical career.

The Norwich-based singer/songwriter Alex Kate has spent a whole year working on and honing songs for this EP, titled Rebel For Love. This title came to her ahead of the writing of the song, and it symbolizes Alex’s journey from being a girl into womanhood, standing against injustice about women, making herself, basically, a rebel for love.

The song starts with a tight, rhythmic riff on an overdriven guitar. Quick and restrained, its energy is visibly bubbling under a calm surface. Alex’s vocal delivery is sincere and strong, and her words are empowering and confident. A bouncing bassline jumps in the background and the drums are sure-footed and tight—an overall compelling sound. The chorus is beautifully written and even more beautifully sung, albeit simple and direct in music and in words.

Rebel For Love is an anthemic starter and leader to Alex Kate’s promising EP, long in the making. If the music on it is consistently as solid and powerful as this song, then consider me a fan from now.


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