Speak No Evil by Becca Starr


A Scottish artist “Becca Starr” based in Glasgow, UK shows off her lovely talent through her voice and her rap skill is spectacular, I love the mix between her melodic vocals, hip hop, and rap which are merged into one is superbly amazing. She has signed in with “In Black Records” and will release a new album on the 18th of August, 2022 “Speak No Evil” superb honesty in her voice while singing is truly touching, and the tracks that are in this album will blow off your mind.

The album starts with an “intro (Warm Up)” where Becca is telling us to warm up to what is coming a story of what we’re gonna expect on this album that she created for her listeners, then comes “I Forgot” which starts with a melodic piano tune, she sings through the first part then starts to wrap her feelings about her childhood and life experiences when forgetting how to feel those events that left a cultivating memory in her.

A track called “Tides” blasts off an awesome rap from the beginning till the end with rhythmic beats playing along, loathing the damages that are done by human beings, and how ignorant they can be towards what has been caused by our kind. “Fear Of Death” track is a melodious and beautiful yet sorrowful track, Becca sings in this one with her lush and strong vocals that will get you like WoW! Sings the hurtful emotions of what can love can do to your heart “It’s in my mind, a fear of death I can’t describe, but I won’t hate you, cuz you don’t love me no more.”

“ITSDARKUPTHERE” is a unique track, where Becca gives a poem with sorrowful music background, it’s a 2-minute poem explaining the darkness one feels towards what can be lost and the difficulty you face whenever you overthink things that can hurt you mentally but not physically that people can visibly see, dark thoughts that sometimes can overwhelm you, however, some bright words are said in the end with encouragement and serenity even though you get those bad thoughts.

A calypso intro in this one is nostalgic as if you’re in a Mario kart game, “First Step” is emotionally heavy with different stories that Becca’s lyrics that is so frantic with the anxiety and fear, the music carries a melodious grooviness vibe in it that can blow off your bass. ”Half of Me” is featuring a unique rapper “Wee D.” this has a miraculous melody with sorrowful and dark vibes yet energetic execution with hyped rapping both gives to this piece.

Finally, “Speak No Evil” is low tempo music with angelic singing Becca starts this piece off with her soft vocal, it has a mix of melodic and acoustic guitar playing along, which is so uniquely beautiful and different, Becca wishes to show her hidden talents in all of her previous work, with great skill of songwriting and singing.

Becca Starr has a great ability to send her message clear enough for her listeners to understand what she is trying to communicate, each hurtful heartbreak that leads to traumas and mental illness is what we go through, however, Becca shows that you can naturally be resilient and get back in track to go through any tragic loss you’ve experienced that might have changed you to your worst shape, but you can yet get in track learning inner peace and fight your demons.

Her music is brilliant, for all the people out there looking for some music to push you forward that won’t let you down by the end of the music but will continue with each piece that plays, the album “Speak No Evil” is the perfect moody and energetic tracks you can listen to.


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