Speed Limit by Carson Ferris


The talented Carson Ferris, at just 12 years of age, continues to release beautiful, bombastic, accessible, and neat-sounding pop jems, with his second single of his so-far-busy 2023, a song titled speed limit.

A native of Provo, Utah, Carson Ferris is confidently and strongly launching a solid career in music, launching single after single of lovingly crafted pop. his latest single is an extravagant piece of anthemic pop rock. With personal lyrics about what one should be willing to give up in their chase for their dreams. The songwriting is emotive and accessible, and the production is crisp and punchy, but perhaps what’s most notable is Ferris’s soaring highs in the chorus, which are equally impressive and compelling. The dramatic drums are the touch that gives this song its operatic and dramatic lustre, sounding massive and full to the brim with an explosive personality.

Carson Ferris continues on his upward spiral into stardom. With a voice and the sensibility of a budding rock star, Carson’s singles are fun and provocative pieces of delicious pop that ought to bring a smile to your day.