Don’t Wanna See You Leave by Nekter Gun

Sean Ward (

Artist Nekter Gun based in Asbury Park, US, released a nostalgic EDM/dance track that is going to fill you up with lots of energy and drama. This isn’t your typical love song, you’re going to be spiraling in a big emotional hurricane whilst vining to a relatively happy beat. The song dropped on the 24th of February, called ‘ Don’t want to see you leave’. Gun is a multi-instrumentalist who has had a long journey in his music career, first being in a band and then becoming a solo artist, releasing his first album in 2020. Some of his influences in the EDM genre include Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Calvin Harris.

As soon as you listen to the song you will be transported into the early 2010’s EDM and sometimes pop sound that is high in energy, fast, and rich with dynamics. This time in electronic music is characterized by loud and overwhelming mash-ups of sounds that are extremely intense and are distinct to this time period, bringing into pop music as well. The song talks about love with its confusion and disappointment. You can really feel the pain and realness in the music itself too other than the lyrics and vocals. It’s like the artist really wants a solution to the mess in all social aspects. The overall sound of the song is dramatic, dancey, and rich in sound. It’s a luscious space in this track you will never feel bored. The musical arrangement is hot, with a fast beat and a serious melody. You can feel like the song is speaking of something that is of life or death. There is intense piano, snares, and clapping regulating the pace, and a very good drop in the music is perfect for clubbing. The vocals are seriously strong and aching with passion. With a smooth vibe and collective feeling from the music, this song is an easily shareable track for everyone to participate in with their emotions altogether.