Spit Fire by Venior


This review is not solely about music but rather the mindset of a powerful and unique artist, it’s about revolution, change, awareness, and spirituality. Venior is a one-of-a-kind encounter, the Finnish-Berlin-based artist is not just talented but an environmentalist with a powerful character and dedicated soul. The artist first appeared in 2015 with singles that went viral like “Sugar Rush” which has over 830K streams on Spotify and “Na Na Na” which is almost at 1M streams. She has worked with infamous producers like Nova Wav (Beyonce, Rihanna), Zara Larsson, and Kumi Koda. Aside from singing, songwriting, and producing, Venior is also a painter and a “Trashion” designer who recycles trash and creates fashionable, wearable pieces out of it beautifully and artistically. The artist refuses to live the “mass-consumerist Earth destroying lifestyle” as she refers to it and decided to take a different route where she believes to make a change, she must be that change, so she builds her new lifestyle around recycling and recreation which she represents through her music and art combined. 

‘Spit Fire’ Is her latest single released which is part of her upcoming debut album. The pop song is energetic and poetic, it mixes wild beats, poetic lyrics, heavy bass, and her powerful yet soft vocals, a special style she refers to as “Freaky Punky Pop”. The song starts with a poetic spiritual speech where she gives an introduction about her line of thought and tells a story about social ideology and how she believes otherwise and breaks free from it, coming up with her conclusions. She uses a metaphor where she believes that sometimes we need to burn and destroy certain ideologies “by fire” to give birth to new ones. In her music video, the artist is wearing the designs that she recycled from trash, she also produced and mixed the song along with singing and songwriting. We are anticipating the artist’s revolutionary debut album coming out in September. 


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