Straight on Down the Line by Anton Commissaris


With some country influences dipped in rock and a sprinkle of jazz, artist Anton Commissaris dropped his latest single “Straight On Down The Line” on the 21st of October, 2022. Commissaris worked his piano, and guitar magic to create a classic tune that I think would be accessible to a wide range of audiences. So let’s see how it goes.

“Straight On Down The Line” is the breezy colorful tune I think we all need. Its jazzy swaying melodies and bright arrangement will instantly take you on a mountainside high road to a sunny calm place. The groovy conversation going on between the piano and contrabass is pretty interesting, it goes in total harmony with Anton Commissaris’ subtle bluesy guitars. The dynamic structure of “Straight On Down The Line” helped solidify its cheerful mood, and create a smooth fluid stream of melodies. All are led by Anton Commissaris’ warm soothing voice with a country-influenced female harmony in the chorus.

“Straight On Down The Line” is a smooth laid-back tune with a solid structure and well-written and arranged melodies, that were carefully steered and crafted to serve its mood. Anton Commissaris’ high sense of melody and attention to detail helped this come out intact with perfect layering and mixing from all instrumentations to vocals, creating a cheerful experience that I’d totally recommend. Looking forward to more, cheers!