Stream by Joel Rivendell


Joel Rivendell’s latest single is an enigmatic piece of ambiguous, modern blues, shock full of mystique, charisma, and open-ended lyrics.

Melbourne-based Joel Rivendell is a singer-songwriter who’s been at the game for the better part of three decades, mainly writing and releasing songs from time to time now as a hobby, leaving us all to wither in the thought of how much things would be better if he dropped more and more music. 

RIvendell’s style is confident and commanding, his songwriting is restrained and eloquent, minimal, but loaded with intention. Stream, the title of his latest single is a sleek and smooth piece of cosmic blues in which Rivendell sings soulfully about his stream of consciousness, while bluesy keyboard riffs back his charismatic and deep vocal delivery. His vocal delivery is done in the vain of Jim Morrison, his rich, low tenor, brooding and dark, is one of the song’s most outstanding features.

Stream has more to it that first meets the eyes or the ears. This driving piece of blues with thought-provoking lyrics and outstanding vocals is memorable and poignant.


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