I Got NO Money by Sarantos


Sarantos continues to bring something new to the table with each release of his, experimenting with new sounds, genres, and styles while keeping a humorous outlook even in the bleakest of situations. 

Chicago-based Sarantos is a singer and songwriter whose genre-hopping style has kept him from categorization for years. Making that goes from EDM to worship music, and many things in between, Sarantos’s latest release sees him try his luck in the land of hip-hop, candidly taking about his financial situation during one point in life, proving his willingness to take risks.

I Got NO Money might be tragic, but the humor Sarantos brings with the video manages to alleviate this sadness quite a bit. The composition of I Got NO Money is familiar and safe, but a sudden change in key provides a surprising lift that keeps things entertaining. 

I Got NO Money is entertaining, which made me feel bad, I wanted to sympathize with the song’s protagonist, but the lightheartedness from Sarantos is there to lighten the mood, and maybe to tell us that things are barely ever as bad as they seem.


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