Stronger by Junoid


Junoid’s debut single promises quality-produced music and vibrant 80s vibes with healthy modern twists, and in honesty ‘Stronger’ delivers very well on all those fronts. 

New York-based, Junoid has a history that goes back 20 years and roots that have sprouted in the Netherlands. A band fascinated with the lush and colorful 80s, with all of its electrifying electro-pop, gated reverbs, and stabby synth leads. The band’s debut single is titled ‘Stronger’, and it is all of this… and more.

‘Stronger’ is more than just a tepid recollection of the 80s, forty-something years later, it is instead a faithful reimagining of what made that era pop in our memories, draped in layers or pristine, modern production that sounds endlessly crisp and fresh, and a strong, compelling piece of songwriting underneath. The song’s arrangement is bustling with track upon track of synthesizers, playing everything from swooshing pads, to piercing leads. This symphony is then treated to the highest standards with a shimmering clean production job that results in a song that is very tight sounding and enjoyable.

Junoid delivered on all their promises with their first single. A band with decades of experience, there is no surprise that their execution is as delightful as ‘Sronger’ is. Waiting for a lot more from Junoid.