Sugar Rush by Pascal Shrady


LA based artist Pascal Shrady is preparing to release his latest single “Sugar Rush” on the 24th of this month…we got a sneak peek of what is about to hit the music world…it’s a 3 minutes journey in candyland with a dream like shot of upbeat and lively energy…it’s tasty.

Pascal was born in Cologne, German-American parents, but he has been living for most of his life in Los Angeles.

After high school, he attended the Berklee College of Music, after which he later honed his skills at the Los Angeles College of Music.

He’s been recognized for many of his musical works, but also for his public speaking efforts to create a better world through music.

This is highlighted in his Tedx Talk titled “My Journey for Change, One Song at a Time”.

His upcoming single “Sugar Rush” is a tasteful and energetic electro-pop song with smart lyrics, catchy melodic hooks and upbeat music.

The song doesn’t waste time with an intro…it starts full power right away…then Pascal’s vocals start to join for the first verse…

The verse carries Pascal’s vocals and makes space for him…that’s also happening with the very catchy chorus part…there is always space for Pascal’s vocals that elevates the ‘catchiness’ of the melodic lines…is ‘catchiness’ even a word? you know what I mean…it’s very catchy, familiar and close to the heart, even if we never heard something like it before! 

It’s that infectious.

We wish all the best for Pascal with his upcoming release and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the world after “Sugar Rush”.




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