Sweet Escape by Ozz Gold


DJ Producer Ozz Gold released ‘Sweet Escape’ a tropical house track with uplifting vocals about escapism into music.

Ozz Gold, a DJ with a military background now based in Las Vegas, released his fifth single ‘Sweet Escape’ on the 4th of November after he performed for audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas.

Sweet Escape has catchy chords, simple moving melodies that are easy to sing along to, and a steady beat that impulsively pushes listeners to dance when they hear that bass start to kick in.

Ozz Gold has reached over 10k monthly listeners on Spotify just with five releases, and his latest offering comes packed with a remix version of Sweet Escape by artists Special Tee & Sol Brothers that takes the song in a progressive techno/house direction which is worth a re-listen. 

Sweet Escape is a good choice for a summer beach road trip playlist, and the instrumental version of Special Tee & Sol Brothers’ remix is another solid option if you’re looking for something a bit different, with more emphasis on the dancing, maybe for when you reach the beach, or whatever your sweet escape might be.



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