Swing your hips by mUmbo


Before finding out who’s behind this new single, can you guess how many band members are performing this song? Some would say 4 for instance given the rich musicality of the song but surprisingly this band is formed with only 2 members: Doug MacGowan on acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, and vocals, and Emma Semple on vocals, viola, violin, and bouzouki. This dynamic, multi-talented duo just released their 2nd single this year ‘Swing your hips’ after ‘Right here on the ground’. The title of the song is literal, you can’t possibly listen to it and not swing your hips while floating along with its sweet tune and rich melody, leaving you in a relaxed state of mind, drifting you away to a beach setting with a cozy summer party while the chill evening breeze moves your hair. Digging deeper into the music, I couldn’t help but notice the layers of guitar riffs, themes, and solos introduced throughout the entire song. It’s remarkable how different motifs and solos are layered upon one another and yet complement each other; it’s not distracting or overwhelming to the ears. Yet, if you dissect each line on its own, you can have a few songs in one, and this requires remarkable composition and arrangement skills.

Listening to the music and the lyrics combined while watching the video gives you a more clarified perspective on what the song is about; reflecting on the current events and how things have been lately on a personal level to the British duo and worldwide, it expresses how things were in the past, how we transitioned and became in the present and how that will affect the future. As Doug MacGowan mentions: “There seems to be a subtle shift in the songs we are hearing. As always with music, the songs being produced by ourselves and other artists at the moment, seem to be reflecting a sign of the times. Maybe a new gene, ‘Post-Covid Blues’ is being created!”