Don’t Even Mind the Rain by mUmbo



mUmbo is back with their 3rd single release this year to give us more of that sense of coziness and warmth with their tunes. In no time “Don’t Even Mind the Rain” reached over 6K streams on Spotify only. The song has bagpipes and Aerophones sound effects giving it a Scottish vibe along with country elements and guitar tunes. The duo: Doug MacGowan and Emma Semple took a different approach this time and decided to collaborate with percussionist and drummer Antonio Dalé on this track. The usage of an actual drumline rather than an electronic beat elevated the song and gave it a whole new flavor and color. It brought it to life and gave it that ‘live’ feel as if the band is performing on stage in front of you. ‘Don’t Even Mind the Rain’ is about different emotions and themes that we all encounter and go through at some point like, hope, love, regret, optimism, and sadness.

A song that is for everyone yet very personal to the band. This track was recorded by the band at their home studio in the UK while Antonio recorded his drumline at his home studio in Lake Garda in Italy which was a very challenging process for the three artists yet, all these challenges created a remarkable outcome. The band is influenced by a variety of diverse artists like Mazzy Star, Widowspeak, Kelly Joe Phelps, Stars of the Lid, Goldfrapp, Little Feat, and Ry Cooder.