Take Me by Ohnlé


Who doesn’t love 80’s music vibes added to what we’re listening to these days? The following song was created by the musician, who was born in Georgia, raised in Maryland, and grew up in Houston, Texas. He is the creative artist “Dominyck McCargo” who goes by the name of “Ohnlé”. He creates beating music with a mix of ’80s and hip hop that surprises us by adding in his own sounds and words, as evidenced by his newest release “Take Me” which was recently released on May 27th, 2022.

Exciting to say that it’s a feel-good song with upbeat tempo music with the special atmosphere of Ohnlé’s picks, and who loves the love that emerges with some colorful vibes? “Take me” evokes positive, powerful emotions that get us to connect with one another, telling us a story through his music that touches and connects us in a way that I think is the quickest art form to the soul.

Ohnlé describes his music as soulful and nostalgic vibrating to those music beats that give out a message to show more love, not in an intimate way but by feeling the energy coming from the person’s choice of words and spiritual vibes that are inviting.

The YouTube clip that was added to this music is a visualizing video that gives a great deal of Ohnlé’s vision in creating and entertaining to see the twirls with the colors that were chosen, give the artistic impression of his chilled vibes and the color purple stands out.

The core of making his music is his love for 80’s music, and that’s reflected in his other songs that you can check out: “Close,” “Unity,” “Sometimes,” “Let’s love,” “Fugazi,” “Control” and “Imperfect Man.”