Talking Loud by Ajay Mathur


Once again we are astounded by the brilliance of Ajay Mathur as he releases his newest studio album entitled Talking Loud two years after his album Shanti Suri Ji Ke Bhajan with more versatile content.

The 13 pieces in said album can take you on a trip quite literally through the history of music so let us see what he has to offer.

1- Sooner or Later

The song starts with a chord progression that can take you back to the summer of ’07 and gives you that feeling where you’re at a pool party dancing with your friends and got nothing to worry about the next day, the feeling of the drumbeat really is mixed very well with both the guitars at the chorus and the snares are well timed. Ajay surprises us with a very chill reverb on his vocals and a guitar solo that sends you back to the 80s. The chorus is so catchy and it is something that you won’t regret having stuck in your head for days. Shout out to the amazing backing vocals.

2- Real

Now that’s what I call Nostalgia. Back in the day, I used to listen to a lot of Johnny Cash and was then introduced to country music. This song takes me back to when I was 9 years old and felt the cosiness and warmth of the countryside. The fingerpicking is on point instead of strumming Major chords. Vocals are mixed very well with the music you can hear every note played in this soundtrack.

3- Don’t want the phone to ring

I guess this is something I would agree on with Ajay, to be honest. However, if this soundtrack was my ringtone I would have it ring forever. The slow tempo, clean chords and the very low notes of the bass really bring up that chillax feeling that 80s rock n’ roll music used to bring. The lyrics are just on point and are something we all can relate to at a certain point.

4- Ain’t going nowhere

You see, from that point, saying he is a man of passion would be an understatement. The man shows what he is willing to do just to ensure his lover stays alongside him. Now that is a song you’d wish to be featured at your wedding don’t you think? The off-beat in the drum beat just shows how much effort he put into the creation of this album. I really love it when the drummer is playing with so many different colors ensuring that the track has feelings because the drummer is the soul of the music group. Something that really grips me is the unique vocals of Ajay and how really it is the spotlight of the full album yet not stealing all the thunder from the rest of the music.

5- Talking loud

The title track of the album. A bit funky? No. It has a lot of funk. The first thing I wanted to do is to dance my behind off when I first listened to the funky chords strummed during the track along with the funky beats. I like the synergy of the whole guitar and drums sections and how well the Vocals are mixed on top. Vocals give the song the spirit it requires to be honest and I couldn’t think/fathom how more perfect it can get. The bassline is just the start of this song. In my humble opinion, the Vocals and the bass line in this track are the best things about this track and the Sax on top gives you that Jazzy feeling that is also enhanced once you reach the guitar solo section.

6- Anytime at all

Piano. That was very unexpected. It is so beautiful as it is soloed with the vocals on a minor scale that made me shiver. I teared up upon listening to the lyrics. Ajay knows how to choose his words that make you cry. If you feel depressed I recommend you listen to this song that will make you instantly feel better.

7- Stop the shame

Upon hearing the first couple of seconds of the soundtrack I thought to myself Pink Floyd -you can really hear the influence. The drum beat is very impressive and it only enhances the rest of the instruments and doesn’t steal the thunder. This song reminds me of high hopes by Pink Floyd. It just shows how many different styles and topics Ajay can sing about and shows how talented and versatile he is.

8- I need you now

Now that is a song that will for sure take you to a different place literally. The song starts with the sitar which is a stringed Indian instrument. you’d think it will not be mixed well with other instruments? you thought wrong, it only adds more momentum and makes the track sound more beautiful. Gave me the feeling I am watching a 90’s movie directed by Tim Burton that will definitely have the happiest of endings.

9- Deeper than your skin

Man, I think if I was using a pen and paper I would run out of ink because there are not enough words to express how amazing Ajay’s Vocals are. I would honestly isolate the music and just listen to his calming deep voice over and over. The music as well really enhances the endorphins in your mind if you’re having a bad day, it is like the moment when the first sip of coffee hits your brain cells. Now this song is something I will really consider slow dancing to it with my fiance at our wedding. The backing vocals are not any different than the main vocals as well, it is really quite amazing and yet it also has its moments in the spotlight. This track gives you what Bob Marley feels when he is singing to a woman he loves. It works like magic. Thank you Ajay for teaching me new pickup lines ;).

10- Common Mistake

The mix of bass/drums/keys/guitars and vocals make you feel you’re in a late 2000s sitcom and you’re about to have the time of your life on a very fun/learning adventure. as the vocals escalate you will get more enchanted by the second. Moving on to the very catchy chorus and very catchy lyrics, I would like to hear that song live with my friends. This is something we’d share a beer while listening to and get deep in the mood because “we make a common mistake”. But listening to this soundtrack is the farthest thing from being a mistake. Especially if you’re a fan of pipe organs.

11- Stuck on 75

Jazz. The first thing I thought of when I listened to this was “JAZZ”. As I said this album takes you on an adventure throughout the history of music now I feel like I am back in the 40s and enjoying a jazz band like my great grandparents would in their nightlives. Dancing in a suit and tie I mean. 

12- Comedian

If you ask me, This is the highlight of the album. I personally added this to my favorite playlist. The work on the string section and the Vocal harmonies is just amazing. This actually reminds me of two different art factions I personally adore, DC Comics and Queen “the band” as it reminds me of the Comedian from Zack Snyder’s Watchmen and somehow made me relate with the feelings of the character. The lack of percussion is what makes this song both unique and memorable.

13- Reasons to cry

This is the slowest tempo in the album so far and it will give you “Reasons to cry”. Ajay really knows how to deliver all the emotions using his voice and his musical talent. As the song progresses the lyrics go deeper. The mix of stringed instruments (Violins, Sitars, Guitars.. etc) is really well mixed, you can literally hear and feel every note played in this record.


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