Don’t Call Me by Juneau Lake


If you wish to listen to some aesthetic new music, “Juneau Lake” delivers these vibes to you with a new release on the 24th of June, 2022 a song called “Don’t Call Me,” the artist Juneau is a talented character with a lot to show under his sleeve with some indie pop music that he produces to his listeners.


His musical success and creation that has him highly sought after as he always brings a soul flair to every song he creates. Based in Los Angeles he produced “Don’t Call Me” which has a dope vibe to it that you can dance to. The song is about girls who can be toxic the same way as the other gender that can break your heart, Juneau sings with a heart full of feelings of despondent and grief but with a mix of fun and summer vibe to it.


If you want some similar vibes as ’the weekend this song is worth listening to. It will give you energetic and jumpy vibes, imagining a disco ball in the room and colorful vibes as if you’re in a school prom. The music encourages you to dance to it with full power and put your feelings out there to the crowd.


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