Testimony by Rylai


Almost a decade ago, I was a teenager who was trying to figure out a lot of things in life, including her own musical taste. I wasn’t fond of Rap and its subgenre back then because I used to think of it shallowly as the music that artists use to express how great they are and to brag about what they have. But as the years passed, some artists and songs made me realize how wrong I was, and I saw how these musicians use their music for good causes, for venting dark emotions, and for inspiring others. Genuine rappers like Rylai and singles like “Testimony” are what made me a fan of the genre in the first place.

The Seoul, Korea-based artist has made a piece that can easily penetrate one’s mind with its organic, one-of-a-kind sound. “Testimony” is a Pop-Rap single with jazzy instrumentation and an R&B and Funk splash. This appealing blend, with the upbeat beats, jazzy brass, and dope production, is what makes it enjoyable, allows you to vibe to it, and eases the dark ambiance in the lyrics. Vocally, Rylai strikes a balance by having both light and dark tones in his voice, sounding wise, and having a catchy storytelling style. In my opinion, the element that stands out here is the lyrics. They’re sincerely written, based on Rylai’s experience with depression, relatable to anyone who’s gone through a depressive period, and take an optimistic direction.

Giving advice to a person who’s suffering from a mental illness that can be fatal, such as depression, is not always the right move. Pip talk doesn’t mean much in these cases, but it’s different when it’s not just hot air, it’s a real experience and the one who’s gone through it is telling you: “I’m finding ways to get around. Lost in traffic, I’m still nowhere bound. But at least I feel better now.” Bars like these are what are called inspirational and hopeful. It’s not a promise that things will turn out to be great in the blink of an eye, but it’s a testimony that you’re capable of recovering and will feel fine somehow, amidst some hazy sensations.

“Bring back the music to the people who lost it in their life.” He said. And that’s what he’s certainly doing. Watch out for Rylai because you won’t find what he offers anywhere else.