Thanks For That By Gavan Waldby


In the wake of the success of Gavan Waldby’s single “Thanks for That”, which racked up over 26,000 streams on Spotify. The singer/songwriter/instrumentalist decided to create an instrumental version of the song, which is scheduled to be released on the 25th of November 2022.

“Thanks For That” was originally written, as described by Waldby “An emotional tribute to the strong women in my life that look after me and have my back. My wife, my daughter, my big sis and my late mum”. The song received a lot of praise and people liked it. Waldby decided to take a different approach with the instrumental, giving it a jazzy vibe. He replaced the vocal line with an emotional melodic saxophone played by Joshua Hatcher. Waldby added guitar lines, bass, drums, and string sections to create an emotionally charged piece of art.