WATCHDOGS by James Alynes

Cristiano Pereira

Artist James Alynes based in Montreal, Canada, released a moving and passionate creation called “Watchdogs’’, a rap rock tune on the 27th of October. 

Often mixing dream pop with rap and dropping many singles in 2022, James is a songwriter, producer, and vocalist. He is inspired by artists like Kanye, Childish Aham ino, and Leo Ferre. He believes that music is an art that requires an explorative and playful mindset that needs discipline more than anything else. 

The song is about love and the back-and-forth nature of it. We love a song that is relatable and catchy in a non-generic way. There is something about how James represented his musical style. It’s rich in texture, extremely persuasive with its melody and tone, and It’s familiar yet it’s not. We actually caught a glimpse of Kendrick Lamar’s taste in this track. The overall sound of the song is super hyped and heartfelt. Its overpowering energy with a rigorous texture and rich sound effects blended with the prominent vocals of James is a real ear treat. The soundscape is R&B with a brush of rock tones that symbolize some holiness in the harmony. The musical arrangement is rich with guitar, some light bass, and drum sound effects. The pace is medium in music and there are also clapping and hi-hat sound effects that lead the pace of the beat, but James’ rapping is crazy fast and so very enjoyable to follow with his smooth flow. What’s noticeable in the song is the heavily processed vocals and sound effects which make a unique aesthetic feel to the song. Listen to this track as soon as possible for a fresh outlook on rap and R&B.



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