The Ca$h Tape by Arrow Santi


Arrow Santi is a rapper with a new album release for this year, located in NY he managed to create a beat for the new release “The Ca$h Tape” which was out on the 26th of June, 2022. This is the first full album that he created and he hit it off with hip-hop beats and by creating his own words that he put into it.

The album contains 12 unique songs that are different than the others, you can hear that these songs have been made thoughtfully putting in his skills. “I really put my heart and my soul into each and every song on this album” Arrow said.

Each song with the title that contains an “S” is written in a dollar sign “$” which makes the album significant and catchy for people to start thinking and curious to look more into it then get amazed with the beats of each song.

The lyrics seem that he worked hard to put his message through his music for his listeners to relate to, you need to give his music the chance to listen to and get it to send you to the mood Arrow Santi wants.

“As wild as arrows can be, they rely on the bow and the archer for consistency” was Posted by Arrow in one of his posts about his tattoo. Which gives the utmost support to his goals that I admire.


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