The Light Is On by Alcha


Up-and-coming rising artist Alcha drops his second dream pop/indie pop single ‘The Light Is On’

Alcha is a solo project started by French singer, songwriter, composer, and producer Alec Chassain in 2021, who was born in 1994; he developed an interest in drums while learning the piano. With an ambition to share “the moving picture of his inner life” with his audience, he composes and produces a wide variety of genres such as pop, R&B, jazz, and Neo classical. In 2016 he gained experience by spending 3 years in London collaborating with independent artists such as Christopher J. Richardson, Nayr Faquira, and Kirsty Grant. The past two months have been productive for Alec as he released his first single ‘Steady’ in November followed by ‘The Light Is On’ on the 2nd of December.

‘The Light Is On’ immediately offers the listener a retro vibe with a pulsing synth accompanied by a groovy drum beat and a grounding deep bass line. Alec’s warm vocals paint the lyrics over the music, accompanied by vocal harmonies for depth and enchantment. With flawless production and an expansive ambiance, Alec sprinkles an echoed melodic piano line, a panning guitar riff, and a groovy strummed guitar to round out the sweet soundscape.


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