The One by Skar de Line


The conclusion to Scar de Line’s autobiographical musical suite is another piece of impactful, synth-based, modern classical music that makes itself right at home in the further fringes of pop music. Symphonic, buzzing, and huge, Skar de Line’s music never fails to feel momentous.

The London based musician and composer Skar de Line was born and raised in Sweden, and his wide-ranging cinematic influences always shine through in his pieces, which he always aims to give them meaning, concept, and narrative. Perhaps this can not be better displayed than by his recently concluded autobiographic anthology of songs, which ended with the song we’re discussing right here, ‘The One’. Backed by another masterfully shot video that sees the artist expanding upon the scale of what he undertook with previous releases, this video contains more nuances in its coloring and directing, with more focus on the artist’s facial expressions that are mostly left open to interpretation.

Discussing the concept of individual happiness and what we would sacrifice to reach it. The dark synths and grandiosely dramatic flare to Skar de Line’s composition might be his most outstanding feature. Skar de Line is absolutely not shying away from using some of the most suggestive musical passages, or from utilizing massive, acidic synths, and pitting them against liquid, classical piano arpeggios, and melodic vocal wails, paining an ever-vivid picture with music, and with visuals.

‘The One’ is a welcome conclusion to a story that we have followed with a good deal of attention. we enjoyed the locales that Skar de Line has taken us to, we enjoyed his bold musical landscapes, and his confident delivery, and we will be waiting for more from what he has to offer.


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