The Only by White $osa


Prolific rising hip rap star White $osa released a song that feels like an energy drink in the shape of a hardcore hype song, on the 17th of October called ‘The Only.’’ Originating from Memphis, US, $osa teamed up with producer TP808, to create this banger. Starting his rap career in late 2018, $osa is a real major talent and has a secured fanbase in the Memphis Hip-hop scene.

You seriously don’t need to get a Redbull in the morning when you have a song like this one. The only is a track that literally documents the reality and feelings of the rapper’s come up, where he is today, and what lifestyle he has come to lead. It’s a way to talk about his success and you can easily imagine yourself in this place when you jam to this track. It’s a lyrical and musical fresh dose of confidence and victory. You really feel like there is nobody in the world who is like you.

The song features a spicy fast rhythm beat, with a playful and challenging piano sound effect that created a catchy and energetic melody. $osa not only flexes his achievements but also does it effortlessly with an astounding bar game that knows no breaths. He spits the bars like his life depended on it at a really fast pace. The musical arrangement is complex with hard bass and drums. A notable sound is the different ad lens he used at the back of the song.

Get hyped up with $osa’s new track, it’s gonna hit that spot for an elevated confidence feeling.  


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