Modular Heart by Blankiflúr


Prepare to be bashed with a witty and textured song by Blankiflúr called ‘Modular Heart’, which was released on 20 October, from Reykjavik, Iceland. It’s an intense electronic pop tune that interweaves vocal layers and lush cinematic textures. Jerald Copp is a producer, who has made a big name for himself in the Icelandic music scene. They first started working together when Blankiflur created her first LP album in April 2021.

Modular Heart is all about going to those hidden places inside of your creative consciousness to uncover gems that can be used to express even more and to discover your multidimensionality.

This requires a great deal of emotional courage and vulnerability, which both Copp and Blankiflur were able to reach in this song. The overall sound of the song is dark and enticing, with an element of positivity to push forward as an undertone in the harmony. The soundscape is very synthy with an edge made with a sort of distorted layer of sound and with a lot of electronic sounds that give the song a pop element.

The vocals of Blankiflur are high-pitched and intense, with a very natural flow in her tone as it goes up. Her voice is calming and so many layers of her voice are used in the song, creating a lot of texture and mood. The musical arrangement is rich with grunge, a guitar sound effect that gives the song a sort of melancholic vibe, and a very heavy trumpet sound effect and piano sound effect. Also, a notable sound is clapping. This song is a gate to a deeper realm within ourselves, and the music itself shows that with the mastering of layering sound.


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