The Thing About Love by Phoenix Rose

Owen Vincent

London, UK-based singer/ songwriter Pheonix Rose has come back with more passion than ever with her latest new pop single, “The thing about love”, on the 18th of October. Rose believes music is the best way to tell stories, which are disappearing amidst the endless technological noise in our current world. She defines her music with a broad niche of remarkable people, such as the misfits, the outcasts, the heartbroken, the disconnected, and the survivors. After some of her other recent releases, she collected a lot of high praise from industry professionals and was able to make it to grand venues to perform including Kiss 100 Music Cube, the O2, and  South Central Festival.

Speaking of the story of love as a shapeless form and a gift from the universe, this isn’t your average pop song when it comes to the kind of musical composition and singing techniques. The song is put together in a highly artistic way, giving off a tone of sophistication you wouldn’t normally feel in today’s pop styles. The song’s idea is about love, and Rose thinks that it is usually easily tarnished because of trauma, abandonment, and heartache. It’s totally true, and with this song, Rose was able to show and make us feel love through an angle of higher ground. 

The overall sound of the song is enlightening and spiritual in a sense. It feels like you’ve taken a ride over the back of a big bird. The lyrics include a lot of beautiful imagery and expressions of love. Rose’s vocals are sharp yet soft, strong yet vulnerable. A totally captivating mix! She also uses a lot of high pitch tones in a smooth, magnificent manner. The musical arrangement is brought to us with so much style, with a rich, dreamy soundscape that makes you feel like you’re soaring through the sky. Something feels nostalgic about this kind of pop music. The rhythm is slow and peaceful, taking you one step at a time in the emotional journey. The beat is steady all the way, with an arrangement of piano and drums and the occasional cymbals. We’re totally in love!



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