Depression by Dax


Artist and Rapper Dax released a new song called ‘Depression’, on the 21st of October all the way from Wichita, US. With an already huge fanbase and a subscription of 4M, this song harbored a total listening of 1.7 million people on youtube. He notes that this song is a personal one and hopes that people would share it to continue trying to make a positive impact, saying somebody out there will need it. Dax is a solo artist who started his musical career by writing rhymes and performing spoken word poetry during his college years. One of his achievements is making an appearance at the Canadian country music awards. Drawing from his personal experience, this song was creatively thought out beforehand. Dax mentions that this project was inspired by the feelings he got after quitting alcohol. He purposely withheld from finishing the lyrics in hopes that his feelings might change over time. His message is that there is hope. 

Depression is a song that gives away the content from its name. This song is about the ups and downs of life’s journey. It talks about losing, being lost, faith and resilience. The mood of the song is sorrowful from a vulnerability standpoint, yet this notion is simultaneously counteracted by motivation and encouragement to face your demons. The overall sound of the song is intensely emotional and moving. It’s considered a difficult topic. The rhythm is slow-paced, light, and very acoustic. The soundscape is a hip-hop base with the guitar sound effect guiding the melancholic melody. The musical arrangement isn’t too complex, with some light drum and clapping sound effects steady through the beat. Dax’s vocals are smooth and filled with strength. Although this song is considered hip-hop, Dax sings his bars more than he raps, giving the song a new edge to the rap and hip-hop voice. He still keeps the rhymes and wordplay but sings painfully and slowly instead of hitting us straight bar after bar, which serves the emotional purpose of this song. We are in need of some deep breaths before we sit in the silence of contemplation on this heavy subject delivered so passionately by Dax. 




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