Man With A Corduroy Heart’s soothing Folk lullaby “The Wailers” is the song you can sing to your baby to get them to sleep, or hear it yourself and enjoy its serenity.

“The Wailers” is the debut song for the musical project Man With A Corduroy Heart. The musician and audio engineer Ryan Davies is the skilled man behind this act. Once you hear the song, you’ll witness Davies’ musical prowess demonstrated through every little detail and the confident decision to make the song raw and tied together with organic production.

“I wanted it to be really organic and do one-takes, embrace unwanted noise, go back to using cassettes, and let the song do the work rather than the mix,” said Davies, and that’s exactly what he masterfully delivered.

The jazzy guitar chords start off the song, and a dreamy mood is set right away. Soon the vocals join in, creating an atmospheric harmony with the instrumentation. The vocal line is subtle for a lullaby; it has a warm layer with a delightful aura, which plants peace and pleasantness in your heart.

The mixture of Folk, Americana, and Lo-fi, along with the Bob Marley inspiration, gives a lighthearted ambiance, which makes the song suitable for every time you want to calm yourself or someone down. The ethereal vocals lure one into the dreamy soundscape weaved by every tender note, along with the hypnotizing guitar playing and the steady percussion.

The tenderhearted lyricism fits perfectly with the smooth musical fabric and the melodic vocal delivery. Each lyric bursts with the pure love of parenthood, and the sincere performance lets you know for sure that this writing is right from the heart.

The song isn’t what you’d call a hit, but it’s simply effective at stirring your heart. This is the song you want to sing to your baby, because who wouldn’t love to tell their child “Our little baby face brings out the sun”?




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