Album: How Not To Drown by ROTHSTEIN


A new musical wave has arrived in the pop world…

…all thanks to Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Rothstein with his latest album “How Not To Drown”.

From the very second, we know we’re in for a sonic treat…a special musical experience is knocking at the door.

Literally, the first track is an intro track to the album, titled “Owner’s Manual”…and it does set the expectation of being in the presence of greatness. It’s 1 minute 12 seconds of mesmerizing musicality that sucks us into the new pop world that Rothstein has created.

…this takes us directly to the second track “No Balconies In Vegas” which actually came out with a music video…a very artistic video, with Hollywood quality levels of production values.

This album is a very diverse album…I can’t even say it’s just straightforward pop…actually, no…with some songs that break any mold…like “Pushover”…with its 80s synth-pop direction…it’s not what you’d expect from this album…especially since it has some of the most futuristic pop sounds and musical experiences you’ll hear now.

The album is dark with melancholy within its musicality…as this album is about the worst of the artist that remains…but he’s changing, both on a human level and on an artist level.

The album continues to explore different approaches to mesmerizing pop experiences with tracks like “How Not To Drown”, with its folk guitar-focused approach, the ambient and choir backing vocals of “Love You Like I Do” with huge brass sections and “Hold Onto Me” with its orchestral elements…

Rothstein literally created a musical world like never before…that is why his album “How Not To Drown” is a highly recommended musical experience not just for the pop fan, but to any fan of good music…this is a mesmerizing experience that is full, rich and epic on so many levels.

The album has 13 tracks to explore, live in, sleep to, wake up to, spend days with…and just be transported to an amazing musical place that is out of this world.

I wish Rothstein all the best in all of his endeavors…we can’t wait to see how he changes the soundscapes of the music world once again…it’s going to be brilliant.



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