Theo Tams Unveils ‘Uncovered: Volume I’ EP Featuring Understated, Romantic Cover of “Cowboy Take Me Away”


Toronto’s Theo Tams is sharing Uncovered: Volume I, a new EP in his Trilogies series which finds the artist experimenting with new, original renditions of classic pop songs.

Uncovered: Volume I features Tams’ cover of The Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away,” an atmospheric piano and vocal-led rendition which centres on the emotive story at the heart of this song.

“I was in the process of trying to find music for my upcoming wedding in the summer and I realized just how little music there is out there that is specifically for the 2SLGBTQ community,” explains Tams.

Tams’ queer take on this iconic country song was recorded during a period where he received a wave of homophobic hatred on TikTok, all stemming from a video which Tams had posted of him and his fiancé simply listening to music together.

“So often, the gay community is pushed to the fringe and our relationships are viewed as ‘different’ or ‘less than.’ I’m really proud to be able to release [this cover] as a gay man, and one who is planning to get married. This entire release [pushes the] message that love is love, and love will always win. It will always shine brighter than the darkness of hate and ignorance.”

Press via Auteur Research


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