For Polina: Till Tears Run Dry by Dave Mohan


Artist Dave Mohan based in London, UK, created a beautiful classical masterpiece that will be released on the 17th of February called ‘For Pollina: Till the tears run dry’.  This track will completely suck you into a sensitive world where there are only open hearts. Dave is a songwriter and composer who has had a conservatoire music education and always strives to not be confined in the small space of a certain genre such as the classical and has a way of love with musical collaborations such as this one. 

This song is practically an ethereal and magical road to a mournful yet soft-spoken and heartfelt place. It is a reflection of sadness to the Ukrainians in the disruption of the war. It’s a tribute to the lost young souls gone too soon. You can really feel through the collaboration of the classical music with the soprano vocals, a much-heightened sense of everything emotionally and spiritually. The overall sound of the song is tears of sadness embellished with a fickle smile on the face. The melody and musical arrangement is light yet very intense. It has you all up in your feelings with no explanation whatsoever of what your state of mind is going through. The soundscape is an airy, slow classical mixed with some really intense violin, piano, and harp. There is an orchestra feeling in the music with this combination. Of Course, the amazing vocals of Juliet Lyons set a dramatic and touching tone to the track.