Are We Okay? by Julian Petrin


“Are We Okay?” by Julian Petrin begs the question, doesn’t it?

Julian Petrin will release an epic, melancholic & nostalgic chillwave instrumental “Are We Okay?” on the 17th of February from Hamburg, Germany.

“Are We Okay?” comes from Julian Petrin’s planned upcoming album “Hello Infinity” inspired by the synth-pop genres of the early 80s and 90s.

Julian Petrin is an artist and urbanist whose strong influences include jazz and classical impressionists, such as Debussy. If you dig deep into his music, you can hear those influences vividly, from the complex harmonies and climactic, string concerto-like ending of “Are We Okay?”

“Are We Okay?” felt like it engulfed my listening ears with all its layers, from the deep driving force of the bass to the immediate snap of the sharp snare and glistening ornamentation of the arpeggiating bright synths. 

The track reminds me of the soundtracks in several of the indie games I played and adored throughout the years. The music has a strong 16-bit chiptune flavour that I really like, and Julian Petrin uses the quality of this texture to convey strong and beautiful emotions with layering and harmonization techniques.

As for the production of “Are We Okay?”, this may be the best, clearest, and strongest mix  I’ve heard in this genre. Elements weave together to create an epic sense of space with the creative use of reverb. It sounds satisfying.

With this single from his upcoming album “Hello Infinity” Julian Petrin asks “Are We Okay?” , but from the sound of this music, I’d say no… We’re much better than okay!


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